Cellar Door Cleveland Interviews J Buckner on his newest short film "disCONNECT"
By Eddie Fleisher
"We’re very excited to be premiering DisCONNECT, the latest short film from Cleveland production company, The Studio on Mars. The film tackles the subject of social media, and how it affects us in our daily lives. For those seeking a deeper conversation about its theme, the discussion below is a great companion to the film. We spoke with the film’s director Justin Buckner about how the film came together, his studio, and the Cleveland film scene." Click here to read the full interview

Film School Rejects Chooses "disCONNECT" as their Featured Short
by Scott Beggs
Film School Rejects
"disCONNECT captures an ominous tone and matches perfectly the raw feeling of loss that comes from our conflicted relationship with relationship sites." Click here to read the full article 

Cleveland Magazine
Movie Buff
by Hallie Rybka
September 2013 Issue
"The elaborate car chases, fiery explosions and traffic hassles that accompanied the filming of Captain America: The Winter Solider have vanished faster than the plot of a summer blockbuster. But while Hollywood has come and gone, a growing community of independent filmmakers remain..." Click to read full article

Young Independent Filmmakers Making Magic Happen in Cleve
By Jessica Morris
Always JAM in CLE blog
"There is a powerful underlying culture of young, talented, innovative and professional filmmakers and actors creating awesome projects in CLE right now..." Click to read full article